Consolidate your mural content to manage it easier.

Group objects together to be able to move them all at the same time. You can do this in two different ways.

Here's how:

  1. Multiple select desired elements by holding down the SHIFT key and dragging, or by holding down the SHIFT key and clicking on the elements

  2. Right-click on the elements to see the context menu

  3. Choose 'group' to group the elements together. To ungroup, right-click on the group and select 'ungroup' in the menu.


  1. Multiple select elements to be grouped

  2. Use keyboard shortcut CTRL+G (or CMD+G, if on a Mac) to quickly group items together.

*Note: you won't see the option to group elements with areas and frameworks, since the area/framework will automatically absorb any element placed on top of it

Keep your carefully ordered items together with the grouping feature, and easily ungroup them whenever you need to. Feel confident that you won't lose that flow chart!

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