Show how your ideas go together.

The ability to “connect the dots” and come up with great ideas is a valuable benefit of using MURAL. You can easily use lines and arrows to connect objects, like sticky notes, shapes, or icons.


Add a connector

Enabling connector points

Adding labels on connectors

Switching between different types of connectors

Selecting multiple connectors
Diagramming and mapping

To add a connector:

  1. Press and hold the “C” key on your keyboard. The cursor will become a + symbol.

  2. Click and drag a line onto the canvas.

  3. Start on the outer edge of the object you wish to connect. By hovering over the object, you can see the “connector points” and link your connector to these areas.

Alternatively, you can click on "Shapes and connectors" in the sidebar of a mural. Then, click on your preferred connector. The cursor will become a + symbol, and you can add lines similar to the above instructions.

MURAL will prompt you to choose the next object when you release a new connector, so you can build your flowchart faster. Or, you can double click on the end of an arrow to bring up the connector options

Enabling connector points

You can enable connector points by toggling the Shapes and Connectors area in the mural’s sidebar. Once toggled on, any object you click on will show its connector points. Then, when you hover over the connector points, you’ll see a suggestion to create the same object with an arrow. Simply click to add. To learn some extra tips and tricks for when connector points are enabled, you can go here.

*Tip: Holding SHIFT + C, or SHIFT while you drag out the arrow from the left side toolbar, will keep the arrow perfectly straight. Additionally, holding SHIFT as you rotate the arrow will "snap" it to a certain degree angle.

Adding labels on connectors

You can add a label to your connectors to further illustrate your ideas by double clicking on the connector and adding text. Here you can format the text as you would a title or text box. You can also move the text along the line or above or below the line.

Alternatively, you can click on the connector and select the "add a text" icon

Switching between different types of connectors

Changing the appearance of your connector lines has never been so easy! You can switch a connector’s style by clicking on the connector and editing from the object toolbar. You can edit the following features:

  • Line color

  • Line stroke, such as dotted, dashed, or solid

  • Line tip, such as one-sided arrow

  • Arrow direction

  • Line weight

  • Line type, such as elbow, curved, or straight

To select multiple connectors:

  1. Select the SHIFT key and drag along carefully where the connectors are. For an extra layer of precision, you can choose to select only connectors in the object type.

2. Alternatively, select the Command/Control key and then click on the desired connectors

This allows you to either edit your connectors or move them all at once.

For an extensive look at Diagramming and Mapping, check out the following Help Center article.

Enjoy connecting the dots!

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