Show how your ideas go together.

The ability to “connect the dots” and find relations to come up with great ideas is one of Mural's main benefits. You can easily create connectors from the border of an element to the next to build neat flowcharts.

To add a connector:

  1. Hold C + click from the 1st point you want to connect (the cursor will change to a cross indicating you are creating connectors)
  2. Drag it out, and drop at the 2nd point you wish to be connected.

Recommend the next element when you release a new connector so you can continue to build a flowchart faster.

**PRO TIP: Holding SHIFT + C, or SHIFT while you drag out the arrow from the left side toolbar, will keep the arrow perfectly straight. Additionally, holding SHIFT as you rotate the arrow will "snap" it to a certain degree angle.

Enjoy connecting the dots!

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