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Organize your thoughts in a mural using a pre-made framework to guide collaboration.
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Frameworks are a collection of pre-formatted grids and diagrams you can use to structure a mural. For example, maybe you want to add a calendar to a mural. You shouldn’t have to spend your valuable collaboration time building one of your own, so we have a framework for that! There are several framework categories—including business, agile, and more—so you can get to the heart of your collaboration faster.

Frameworks are pre-made tools to help you organize your thoughts and collaboration in a mural. Think of these like sticky pads you’re adding to a mural. All content you add to a framework is held in place by that framework. So, if you add a calendar framework and then add notes to that calendar, you can move everything in it as one rather than having to move every piece individually.

There are five categories of frameworks:

  • Layouts: Basic frameworks to help you design your own activities.

  • Design: Design tools to help with ideating and user mapping.

  • Agile: Retrospectives and grids for agile ceremonies.

  • Business: Diagrams meant to assist in common business processes and planning.

  • Calendars: Weekly and monthly calendars to help plan things over time.

Frameworks are similar to templates, but the difference is that you can add frameworks to an existing mural, and you can add as many frameworks as you want. And, if you really like your configuration of frameworks in a mural, you could turn that mural into a template and use it over and over again.

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