MURAL makes it easy to add links and play videos directly on the canvas. There are several ways that you can do this.

To copy and paste directly onto the canvas:

  1. Copy (Ctrl+ C,or CMD + C on Mac) the URL from the search bar

  2. Paste (Ctrl + V, or CMD + V on Mac) the URL directly into the mural

Then an image with the thumbnail will appear. If it is a youtube video, you will be able to play it directly within the mural.


  • You can watch your videos from YouTube and Vimeo directly from the mural by double-clicking the link!

  • The link needs to be public in order for the video to be opened in a mural.

  • Different factors can determine whether or not the thumbnail image will appear. The mural app "asks" the third party owner for the image, and sometimes the video’s permission settings do not allow thumbnails to be shared externally. If the thumbnail appeared at first but is no longer appearing, the video’s permissions could have changed. If the video is from a private google drive, the security token may have expired, which can stop the thumbnail image from being shown in your mural.

To drag and drop:

  1. Click on the lock icon to the left of the URL you want in your mural

  2. Drag and hover it over your MURAL tab

  3. When the tab blinks and opens up, drop the link in the mural

The following article explains how to add a link to an object such as a sticky note!


To do this on a IOS mobile device:

  1. While you have your mural open, swipe up or hold the home key to see your other apps.

  2. Go to the URL you would like to copy click and select Copy.

  3. Go to your mural click on the screen and then select Paste.

Now you can keep all your links, stickies, and other content together in one place!

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