Comments are a great way to keep track of feedback directly in a mural. You can even directly reply to comments, and resolve questions that come up! Leave a comment for later, or tag a colleague to follow up with. You'll be notified by email (or Slack) when someone leaves a comment or tags you, so you can get back to them when you have time.


Add comments

There are two ways to add comments. You can either add a comment from the toolbar or from the context menu.

To add a comment from the toolbar:

  1. Click the text button on the left sidebar.

  2. Drag and drop the comment icon onto the object or area of the mural you wish to comment on.

To add a comment from the context menu

  1. Right-click anywhere on the mural, or on an object.

  2. Select Add comment.

While commenting, you can tag a teammate in a comment using @ + their name and they will receive an email notification.


  • Teammates can reply to a notification email, and the reply will be shown in the mural (they can reply to the comment directly in the mural, too).

  • When the person you tag clicks on the link in the email, they will be taken to the exact point where they were mentioned (in case of a comment).

  • You can drag a comment around the canvas using your mouse.

View and resolve comments

All comments will appear on a thread in the comments sidebar. Here you can read, edit, respond to, and resolve comments. Just click on the comments icon on the right of the top bar and the comments sidebar will appear.

Resolved comments disappear from the canvas, but are found in a separate tab in the comments sidebar. Resolved threads can be reopened manually, or will be reopened automatically if any user replies to the thread.

To resolve a comment, just click the checkmark icon next to the commenter's name.

When viewing a comment, you can navigate by clicking the arrows at the top of the comments sidebar.

Comment bubbles will stay in place and can be dragged onto objects to "attach" them. The comment bubble can be moved by clicking and dragging. Clicking on the comment bubble will also open the comment sidebar.

Keep track of all of the important conversations and never lose ideas with comments!

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