You work in lots of applications all day long. We get that. That's why we built in a commenting feature -- to help you get out your thoughts on particular items in your team's mural.

Leave a comment for later, or tag a colleague to follow up with. You'll be notified by email (or Slack) when someone leaves a comment, and when someone tags you, so you can get back to them when you have time.

To add a new comment, you can either:

  1. Drag & drop one from the text tab from the toolbar on the left side of the mural


  2. Right click anywhere on the mural, or on a particular element, and choose the 'add comment' option.

  • Tag a teammate in a comment using @ + their name (they will also receive an email).

Resolve comments

Click on the checkbox in the comment to resolve it. Resolved comments appear in a separate tab in the comments sidebar, and will disappear from the mural. Resolved threads can be reopened manually, or will be reopened automatically if any user replies to the thread.

The comments bubble will stay in place on the canvas and you can read, edit and respond to comments from the comment sidebar. The comment sidebar will display all comment threads in the mural.

Manipulate your comments using these features:

  • Mouse over your comment, and drag it to move it around the mural.

  • If your comment is attached to a specific feature in the mural, it will stay "stuck" to that feature.

  • Teammates can reply to the email, and the reply will be shown in the mural (they can reply to the comment directly in the mural, too).

  • When the person you tag clicks on the link in the email, they will be taken to the exact point where she was mentioned (in case of a comment).

  • Simply click on the number to open the comment and it will open in the comment bar

  • See all the mural's comment threads in the comment sidebar.

Now you can make sure nothing gets lost in the fray. Have a conversation around your content no matter where you are!

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