In this template we have recreated a couple of examples of different ways to use MethodKit for Workshop Planning.

MethodKit for Workshop Planning - TEMPLATE by Emilia Åström

Open to create a mural from this template in your team. Powered by MURAL

You can also download the cards as PDF here.

In the top of the mural you have all the 60 cards in the MethodKit for Workshop Planning. You can duplicate these cards using CTRL + D to use them below.

Here is how the mural is arranged:

  • To the left, you have an activity called Pick and Discuss to help you decide what cards to discuss first. A type of card sorting activity.

  • In the middle, you have Sticky Clusters where you can use the cards as themes to ideate tasks for.

  • To the right you can use the Selection Grid to prioritize cards or ideas.

  • Below you find a Timeline to start planning.

  • And finally, in the bottom left you have a Gallery of the team members and a Task Board.


Here are the instructions to how you can kick off your meeting by doing Pick and Discuss followed by Sticky Clusters. You can find links to the complete instructions for all activities in the end of this post.


The first thing to do when entering the mural is to go through all 60 cards at the top. Do a quick voting session where all participants get to vote on about 10 cards they would like to work on. Before voting, see if there are any cards you need to clarify before.

To start a voting session, go to the top of the screen and click on the dot voting icon. In this case we will have 10 votes each. While in the voting session you can’t see what anyone else is voting on. You will be able to see when everyone is done voting, however.

End the voting session by clicking on the voting icon again. Now we can see what cards got the most votes. Duplicate the cards that got the most votes and placed them in the WHAT WE COULD TALK ABOUT area.

Do a new quick round of dot voting in WHAT WE COULD TALK ABOUT, this time with only three votes each. Duplicate the new winning cards and move them over to WHAT WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT. These cards can be used to start generating ideas for the workshop. Duplicate them and move them over to the Sticky Clusters area.


Work with any card you feel most engaged with. Write down the first ideas that come to mind. Encourage wild ideas. Defer judgment. Think about the participants needs. Focus on the topic. Go for quantity. Build on each others ideas.

Timebox the activity to limit the time you spend doing the ideation. Recommended time 5-10 minutes.

When time is up you can let the group share any highlights they see among the ideas. In a very short time you will notice that you generated a selection of relevant ideas for your meeting or workshop.



  • Next we could use the SELECTION GRID to prioritize the cards or the ideas on stickies.

  • Then,do a TIMELINE to see when the tasks have to get done.

  • Finally, we can also divide some TASKS and start working.


These were just a few examples of how the MethodKit cards can be used. The possibilities are endless. As I mentioned before we will share this mural on our blog after the webinar so you can try it yourself.



If you look in the Tool menu to the left when you are inside a mural, you will also find the MethodKit framework for Workshop Planning in the Frameworks section under the Business tab. The Workshop Planning framework contains a selection of the cards in the kit for rapid planning sessions.


Framework MethodKit for Workshop Planning

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