Using MURAL on a touchscreen display gives you the extra flexibility of quickly editing content with the very tip of your magical fingers! 🪄

Touchscreen displays show as Guest accounts in the MURAL workspace. Each time you install MURAL on a touchscreen display, a guest account is created and shows up in the list of guests in the admin section of the workspace.

Note: Deleting a touchscreen display from your guest list will uninstall it.


Send a mural to a touchscreen display.

From the mural app ( you can send a mural to a touchscreen display by entering a code. You won’t have to login from the touchscreen display and only the mural sent will be available on the device.

To send a mural to a touchscreen display:

  1. Download the MURAL app on your touchscreen device from the Windows Store.

  2. From, login to your MURAL account.

  3. Enter the mural you wish to send to the touchscreen display and open the dropdown menu next to the mural name.

  4. Select Send to Touchscreen Display.

4. Enter the code that appears on the MURAL app of your touchscreen display.

Note: When opening the Windows app from your touchscreen display, you will see a code at the bottom of the modal. This is the code you enter when selecting the option Send to Touchscreen Display from the web app.

Connect a MURAL workspace to a touchscreen display.

If you are contributing regularly to a workspace from your Windows touchscreen display, it's best for you to link the app with your workspace.

To connect a MURAL workspace to a touchscreen display:

  1. Open the MURAL app on the touchscreen display, and click on the link Connect a MURAL workspace at the bottom of the screen.

2. You can complete the installation from the browser by clicking the link or on a mobile device by using the QR code.

3. Push the Get started button to start the installation.

4. When prompted, use the same login credentials (email and password) that were used for creating your MURAL account.

5. Review the available workspace(s) and select which ones you want to associate with your Touchscreen Display.

6. The browser portion of the setup should now be complete. The Touchscreen Display should refresh in a minute or two, completing the setup.

7. After finishing the installation process the screen will refresh automatically. This is also the first screen you see upon launching the app.

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