Using a Touchscreen display gives you the ability to collaborate with the tip of your fingers.

Note: On a touchscreen display. you can start a voting session, but currently cannot vote. For more information, check out the article run a voting session.


Start a voting session

You can start a voting session with just the tap of your finger.

To start a voting session:

  1. Tap the voting icon on the bottom toolbar.

  2. Give your voting session a name and select the number of votes per person.

  3. Tap Start.

  4. When the voting session is over, tap END VOTING SESSION.

View voting session results

From your touchscreen display you can view the results for all voting sessions.

To view a recent voting session:

  1. Tap the voting icon.

  2. Select Show votes.

  3. In the Highlight votes bar at the top of the mural, select the voting session you want to review. When reviewing a voting session, each object is shown with its vote count.

To view all voting sessions:

  1. Tap the voting icon.

  2. Tap Show results page.

  3. Select the session you want to review.

Different voting results will appear in tabs. Select the voting results you want to review.

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