The real magic of MURAL lies in the collaboration it fosters. To encourage that collaboration, you have a few options. You can invite teammates to collaborate together in murals. Or, if working directly in MURAL isn’t an option, you can export or embed your murals for read-only view for easy access.


Invite collaborators to a mural

To share with collaborators, you'll first need to open the Share modal. Click or tap the pink SHARE button in the top right corner of the mural. (You can also click the '+' sign next to your avatar at the bottom of the mural.)

From this modal, you can select how you want to share the mural.

Invite by link

To invite collaborators to a mural using an invite link:

  1. Open the Share modal.

  2. Click or tap Copy link.

  3. Share the URL to invite non-members to collaborate quickly and securely.

Invite by email or name

To invite a collaborator to a mural using their email or name:

  1. Open the Share modal.

  2. Click Email or name.

  3. Type a name or email address.

  4. Select a permission level from the drop-down. For more on this, see the collaborator permissions section.

  5. Press Enter or select the collaborator’s name if it auto-populates.

  6. Add a witty welcome message (optional).

  7. Click Send Invites. The invitee receives an email invitation.

Note: If your workspace has guests enabled, people outside of your workspace domain will be invited in as guests.

To invite a collaborator to a mural using their email or name (mobile):

  1. Tap the Share button. The Share modal opens.

  2. At the top of the Share modal, choose whether you want to invite people as Members and guests or Visitors.

  3. (Optional) If you're inviting Visitors, choose visitor permissions and workspace member permissions from the drop-down menus.

  4. Tap Share link.

  5. Share the link using your preferred mobile app.

Read-only sharing

If you want to share your mural without changes being made to your original content, you can share a read-only version. You can either export a copy of the mural or embed the mural in a public webpage or app.

Export a mural

To directly share a read-only copy of a mural, you can export it in a PDF, PNG, or ZIP file. Exporting as a ZIP file includes all links, images, and text found in the mural you’re exporting.

To export a read-only copy of a mural:

  1. Open the Share modal.

  2. Click or tap Export. The export modal opens.

  3. Select either PDF, PNG, or ZIP file.

  4. Click Export mural (Tap Export on mobile).

    • In the MURAL web app, your browser saves the exported mural to your default downloads folder.

    • On mobile, you are emailed a link to download the exported file. (The link takes a few moments to send.)

  5. Share the exported file with other people however you like.

For more on exporting murals, read our exporting murals or areas article.

Embed a mural

Another option for read-only sharing is embedding a mural in another site or app. MURAL lets you generate a link or snippet that you can use in the code of the web page or app where you want to share it. Collaborators can navigate an embedded mural like normal but they can’t make any changes to the content.

Note: This option is not currently supported on mobile.

To embed a read-only copy of your mural:

  1. Open the Share modal.

  2. Click Embed.

  3. If prompted, click Enable Embedding to allow the mural to be embedded elsewhere.

  4. Copy the Embed link or Embed snippet, depending on your needs.

  5. Click Done.

  6. Paste the link or snippet in your web page or app.

For more information on this, read our embedding murals article.

Collaborator Permissions

When inviting collaborators to work in a mural, you determine the level of access or permissions they have. Here’s a breakdown of each level.

Edit permissions

Collaborators with edit permissions can:

  • Edit, comment, vote, and export the mural.

  • Follow other users in the mural or be followed themselves.

  • Invite other users to the mural.

  • Create murals.

  • Create rooms.*

*The ability to create rooms is managed under Workspace member permissions.

View-only permissions

Collaborators with view only permissions can:

  • View the mural without signing in.

  • See changes made to the mural in real-time.

  • Follow other users in the mural or be followed themselves.

View-only collaborators cannot edit, comment, vote, or export the mural. They also won’t see any buttons on the top or left toolbars.

Password protection

In some cases, you might want to allow visitors to access your mural while also keeping the contents safe. To do that, you can protect your murals with a password. You manage this under the Visitors tab in the Share modal.

Note: This option is not currently supported on mobile.

To add password protection to a mural:

  1. Open the Share modal.

  2. Click the Visitors tab.

  3. Click Visitor link security.

  4. Enter a password.

  5. Click Save password.

Now, anyone accessing your mural who isn’t logged in as a member or guest will be prompted to enter the password to join.

Remove members from a mural

Just as you can invite collaborators to a mural, you can also remove them. (It’s your mural, so you’re in charge!)


  • This option is not currently supported on mobile.

  • Revoking a guest’s access does not prevent them from accessing a mural if they also have a visitor link. To completely revoke guest access to a mural, remove or deactivate the collaborator as a guest and reset the mural's visitor link. Read our article on how to reset a visitor link for more details.

To remove a collaborator from your mural:

  1. Click the Members icon in the top toolbar.

  2. Click Manage mural members.

  3. Click the Remove user (trash) icon in the row of the member you want to remove.

Note: You can also hover over the member’s row and click the More actions (gear) icon to remove them from the mural.

Now you're ready to unlock the power of MURAL and collaboratively create cool stuff! ✨

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