Rooms are an efficient way of organizing murals for different projects. A workspace can contain several rooms, and each room can contain several murals.

Clicking on 'ALL MURALS' on the left (in the dashboard view) will display all your murals in the workspace in one view. To see what murals live in which rooms, click on each room individually.

Here's the rundown on private rooms vs. open rooms:

  1. Private rooms are only accessible to those you explicitly invite.
  2. Open rooms are public to everyone in your workspace (as long as they have permission to see them).

If you are the admin of a workspace, you can change these permissions for each collaborator under Workspace Members in the upper left.

Remember: no matter which type of room you're working in, private or public, people invited to a room will have access to all the murals within that room. 

Now you're ready to go forth and create rooms of your own!

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