Remember those manila folders you used to use to keep everything related to one project organized? Rooms allow you to work similarly - only this time they're digital, and can hold an infinite amount of murals.

To create a new room, just follow these steps:

1. Click on the '+' next to Private Rooms or Open Rooms, depending on which you'd like to create.


  • Private rooms are only accessible to those you explicitly invite.

  • Open rooms are public to all members of your workspace (as long as they have permission to see them).
    - If you are the admin of a workspace, you can change these permissions for each collaborator under Workspace Members in the upper left.

  • Confidential rooms are only available to those on our Enterprise plan.

2. Complete the dialog box for the new room.

3. Once you create a room, you can add murals to the room, invite friends, and start creating cool stuff!

*Specifications: If the icon to add rooms is greyed out, this means that you are either a guest or a workspace admin has taken away your ability to create new rooms.

Rooms are great for managing groups of murals and their permissions, all at once. Read more about it here.

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