With lots of people collaborating together, as the admin you may want to organize the workspace and adjust all of your workspace members' permissions.

As the admin of a workspace you have permission to:

  • Set sharing/inviting permissions at the workspace level

  • Set visitor link sharing permissions

  • Set if members can automatically access murals in private rooms

  • Create rooms

  • Grant admin permissions

  • Remove members

  • De- and reactivate guests and members

  • Manage the billing options

  • Change the workspace name, billing address, and avatar

You can also manage other workspace users' permissions to:

  • Create new rooms

  • Publish templates

  • Access open rooms

  • Be promoted to an admin

  • Invite other members & guests


You can enter your workspace settings by clicking on the workspace name in the top left corner and selecting "Manage [WORKSPACE NAME]".

On the Settings page, you can change the workspace name, billing email address, VAT number, and workspace avatar. 

Here, you can also select who members can invite via the drop-down menu. You can choose whether or not guests will automatically deactivate after 14 inactive days (if you have guests enabled in your workspace).

Just below the invite permissions, you'll see 'Share Link Permissions'. Choose to enable/disable visitor editing by checking/unchecking the box. Decide whether someone using the visitor link will be able to edit, view, or not enter a mural at all.  

You also have the ability to control whether or not members can view private rooms by simply clicking a link, or if they have to be invited in.

Select whether MURAL members can embed murals in their workspace.

To manage your workspace members' permissions, go to your 'Members' settings:

  1. Click on Members

  2. (Un)check the boxes to grant/remove permissions
    - You can also:
        - Sort the members list based on different criteria
        - Select multiple members and guests to make bulk actions such as delete them from the workspace, or change their permissions.

Via the 'Members' management section, you can also remove users altogether, or invite new ones. 

See more about the specific permissions someone can have in a workspace, here.

Discoverable workspaces

If you are a part of our Enterprise network, you have the ability to select discoverable workspaces. This will allows new and existing users to see which workspaces belong to their company and request to join.

A new user from your company will see this dashboard when they create their account:

For more on this feature, check out this full length article on Discoverable workspaces

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