Voting gives your team the ability to synthesize ideas, come to a consensus, and make decisions quickly without hesitation of sharing honest input.


Start a voting session

Once you have your ideas ready to vote on, you can easily run a voting session. Voting sessions can be run in real-time or left open so people can vote asynchronously.

To start a voting session:

  1. Click the voting session icon in the top-left corner, then select Start voting session.

  2. In the Start voting session box, complete the following fields:

    1. Name the session and choose the number of votes per person.

    2. Choose who has the ability to end the voting session. This can be restricted to Just me and facilitators or Any member.

    3. Choose what objects can be voted on and whether or not the voting session is on the Entire canvas or a Selected section. If you choose Selected section, you’ll be prompted to drag a square over the objects you want to include in the session.

  3. Click Start.

  4. When everyone is finished voting, click End voting session.


  • For asynchronous voting sessions, it’s good practice to choose just me and other facilitators when selecting who can end a voting session.

  • Voting restrictions are only available on the web app, not on mobile devices.

  • You can participate in a voting session on your mobile device, but cannot start a voting session or view previous voting sessions.

You can see the progress of the session in the top bar of the mural. Once the session is over, the results will appear.

To start an additional voting session:

Repeat the instructions above to start additional voting sessions. All of your sessions will appear on the top of the mural. This way, you can see results from multiple voting sessions at once.

How to vote

Once a voting session is started, collaborators have the opportunity to vote. All votes are anonymous.

To vote and deselect votes just click on the object you want to vote on. To remove the vote, hold Shift and click on the object again.

On mobile, tap on an object to vote on it. Tap and hold to remove your vote.


  • You can vote for the same object more than once.

  • It is not possible to vote on drawings.

View voting session results

Once voting sessions are over, you can easily view the most recent voting sessions or all previous voting sessions.

To view a recent voting session:

  1. Click the voting icon and select Show votes.

  2. In the Highlight votes bar at the top of the mural, select the voting session you want to review. When reviewing a voting session, each object is shown with its vote count.

3. To hide the votes, click the voting icon and select Hide votes, or alternatively, close the highlight bar by clicking the X button to the right.

To view all voting sessions:

  1. Click the voting icon.

  2. Select View results page.

  3. Select the session you want to review.

Note: You cannot export voting results when exporting murals.

Delete voting sessions

If you started a voting session by mistake or simply want to remove it. You can delete voting sessions!


  • Visitors can’t delete voting sessions.

  • Deleting a voting session will permanently delete the results with no way to recover them.

To delete voting sessions:

  1. Click the voting icon.

  2. Select Delete voting session(s).

  3. Select the sessions you’d like to delete.

  4. Click Delete session(s) permanently.

Now you're ready to impress your teammates by showing them how quickly you can make a decision as a team!

Note: Deleting a voting session permanently deletes the results.

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