Just as you can invite people at the mural and room level, you can also add collaborators to your entire workspace (as long as you have permission).

Here's how you can invite someone directly from the dashboard:

  1. On your MURAL dashboard, click on the SHARE button on the top right hand corner.

  2. Here you can either type someone's email, (and even include a custom message)

  3. Alternatively, you can create a share link and send this over.

Or my invitation link:

  1. Click 'Create Link'

  2. Click 'copy'

  3. Share with teammates!

Here's how to invite someone via e-mail:

  1. Go to "Invite people to workspace"

  2. Type in the users email under "Invite people by email"

  3. Add a personalized welcome message if you would like. Once you are ready, click "Send invitation(s)".

Here's how to invite someone with an invite link:

You can also generate an invite link for the entire workspace. You can copy and paste it into an email together with instructions, or share it in any other channel. Anyone with the link can join your workspace. If needed, you can delete the link to revoke access and generate a new one.

  1. Go to 'Manage workspace'

  2. Next click on 'Invite people'

  3. Click 'Create Link'

  4. Click 'copy'

  5. Share with teammates!

Now, you can efficiently get your whole team together and start creating magical things in MURAL.

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