If you are a facilitator of a mural, you can organize your content for easier navigating by arranging them in an outline.  You can add any singular element or a group of elements to an outline.

When you enter a mural that has four or more items on the outline it will be the first thing that appears when entering a mural, thus helping users better navigate through murals.

To organize your content into an outline:

  1. Select an element or a group of elements you'd like to add to an outline. 

  2. If you are looking to add a group of elements, shift and click along the desired elements, right-click and select 'add to outline' This will automatically organize your content into an area.

  3. Click on the outline icon next to the activity feed to see your new section added at the bottom

  4. Each time you click on a section, you're taken to that specific area, framework or element inside the mural

*note: If you are looking to integrate larger sections into your outlines, We first recommend organizing your content into areas before adding them into an outline. This way you can draw attention to larger areas of your mural.

How to add singular elements, areas, or frameworks: 

  1. Right click and select  'add to outline' the outline will appear where you can name the section. (this is best for images or frameworks) 

To remove a section from the outline, navigate to that area, select it, and hit 'delete'. Delete the 'area only' to keep the elements.

If you are looking to optimize your outline, check out the following articles that shows how to add instructions, hide/reveal content, etc.

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