When you’ve designed an activity you want to repeat again and again, you can publish that mural as a template. When you do this, it will act as a master copy. Thus, anyone who creates a mural from that template will begin with the exact same content. Templates are not editable, so you won’t have to worry about team members accidentally changing your important murals.

 Anyone in your team can create murals from templates. However, only people who are specifically given permission from a team admin are able to publish templates.

 To publish a template:

  1. Enter a mural you’d like to publish as a template.
  2. Open the dropdown menu to the right of the mural name
  3. Click the “Publish as template” option

Now you can rest assured knowing that your whole team will be able to complete the same activities, without accidentally rearranging content you wanted to reuse. Only you can edit your published templates

*note: If you have added an outline to your mural, it will appear automatically once opening the template. This is the same for instructions in an outline. 

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