Step 1 - Jira Admin - Install the Jira integration

Complete these steps to be able to create Jira issues directly from sticky notes and text boxes in your murals.

Configure the Application Link

*Specifications: Jira is only available for our Business and Enterprise plans. After you install the integration, it needs to be enabled at an individual level.

  1. Sign in to your Jira admin account. In the left side bar, click Settings.

  2. Click Products.

  3. Click Application links.

4. Enter into the field and click Create new link.

5. Enter MURAL in the Application Name field.

6. Scroll down and click the Create incoming link checkbox.

7. Click Continue.

8. Enter the following information in the Link applications modal and click Continue:

Consumer Key, Consumer Name, and Public Key

Consumer Key


Consumer Name


Public Key



-----END PUBLIC KEY-----

Note: Make sure to select and copy the entire public key, including the (BEGIN and END sections).

You're done! Now, the Workspace Admin should take care of the next step.

Step 2 - Workspace Admin - Connect your workspace to a JIRA instance

*Note: You must be a workspace admin to visit If you aren't the workspace admin, send this article to somebody who is, so they can complete the steps.

Complete these steps to be able to create Jira issues directly from sticky notes and text boxes in murals.

1. Click Connect under the Jira integration. If you see options for different workspaces, select the workspace where you want to create JIRA issues.

2. Type the URL of your Jira organization and click Next.

3. Click Connect next to the URL you connected under Jira.

4. Click Allow.

Done! You can now create Jira issues directly from your murals. Click here to read our support documentation on Using the Jira Server Integration.

Contact IT to finalize

If you're running Jira Server or Atlassian Data Center and would like to integrate it with MURAL, you will need to contact your IT Admin. Ask them to allow the following domains:

  • (

  • (

  • (

  • (

  • (

Once these domains are allowed, you should be able to set up the Jira integration following the steps above.

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