Easily create flowcharts and diagrams using MURAL shapes!

Want to show how elements flow together, or create that picture-perfect mind-map? What about an organizational chart? The shapes widget in MURAL will help you do just that.

To add shapes to your mural:

  1. Mouse over to the left side toolbar.

  2. The 2nd icon down will be your home base for adding shapes and connectors.

3. Drag out the desired shape and drop it anywhere you want on the mural.

4. Add text directly inside a shape to accelerate diagramming and flow-charting.

Note: Shapes have different options than sticky notes. To learn more about sticky notes in MURAL, go to our article about Using sticky notes.

To edit shapes you've added to your mural:

1. Select the shape by clicking the border so that the toolbar appears.

2. From there, you can use the toolbar to change colors and border options.

If you want to connect to continue a diagram, you can drag out a connector (or hold C+click+drag to draw one) to connect to the next shape.

To delete a shape:

  1. Select the shape by clicking its border.

  2. Right-click (or Command-click on a Mac) on the shape.

  3. Choose "delete" or use the backspace button on the keyboard.

Happy creating!

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