Murals contain canvases that you can ideate on. They can be either resizable or infinite! The more comfortable you are navigating your mural, the easier it will be to gather all the ideas you come up with as a team and add new content to share.

With MURAL's navigation features, you can level up your collaboration and not miss a single thing.

Note: The mini-map shows you a tiny layout of your mural. This is where the navigation settings are located. 🗺️


Change the navigation settings

Quickly switch between trackpad mode and mouse mode in navigating through your mural.

To change the navigation settings:

  1. Click the Navigation Settings button at the lower right corner of your mural.

  2. Choose between Trackpad mode and Mouse mode.

  3. Click the Close button to exit the pop-up window.

Use move mode

Need to display different areas in your canvas quickly? Concerned about messing up an elegantly designed mural? Switch to Move mode! This tool prevents any unwanted changes while you explore murals.

To use move mode:

  1. Click the hand icon at the lower right corner of your mural to turn on Move Mode. Or hold the Spacebar.

  2. Drag around the canvas to locate the particular area you like to display.

  3. Click the hand icon to turn off Move Mode and switch back to editing mode.

Note: When navigating around the canvas, it’s great to have Move Mode enabled to avoid moving any object unintentionally.

Understand scale with the dot grid

Murals can be either resizable or infinite. On newly created murals, the canvas will have dot grids enabled by default to help you align content while also conveying a sense of scale as you zoom in and out.

If you enable Snap to grid, objects will automatically snap to the nearest dots. This is also handy when resizing and moving objects on the canvas.

Both Showdot grid and Snap to grid can be enabled by right-clicking anywhere on the canvas or by clicking the dropdown near the mural title.

Zoom in or out of a mural

MURAL enables you to work with your content on a canvas at different scales.

Murals are quite large, or infinite if infinite canvas is enabled, so you’ll often want to zoom in to a spot to get a closer look or zoom out to see the bigger picture.

To zoom in or out of a mural:

  1. Locate the zoom controls at the lower right corner of your mural.

  2. On the slider, click the Zoom out (-) button to zoom out or the Zoom in (+) button to zoom in. Or drag the zoom slider to adjust the zoom level or scale.

If you are using Mouse mode, you can also use the scroll wheel of your mouse to zoom. If you are on Trackpad mode, touch two fingers on the trackpad, and move them apart to zoom in, or together to zoom out.

Zoom to Fit

You can quickly zoom to a specific area, so that it nicely fills your current view.

When you are zoomed in enough that no objects are visible on the canvas, the Zoom to Fit button appears in the bottom right next to Navigation Settings.

Click Zoom to Fit to automatically zoom out enough to see all the objects on your canvas.

Note: The default zoom level or scale is 100% when creating your mural. This means you’re seeing the actual size of each element you add to a canvas.

Zoom in to a specific section

Sometimes we need to get to sections in our murals quickly. You can easily zoom in or out of a specific section of a canvas.

To zoom in or out of a specific section:

  1. Enable the Move Mode option at the lower right corner of your mural or hold the Spacebar.

  2. Drag around the canvas to locate the particular area you'd like to zoom in on.

  3. Turn off Move Mode by clicking it again.

  4. Hold Z + click + drag to select the area to zoom in. Or hold Alt + Z (Option + Z on Mac) to zoom out.

When on a trackpad, it is not necessary to enable Move Mode. You can use two fingers to navigate the canvas and then directly use Z + click + drag to zoom in or Alt + Z (Option + Z on Mac) to zoom out.

Scroll through your content in a mural

Want to browse through your mural while keeping all contents intact? MURAL’s scroll navigation feature can help you with that!

To scroll through your content:

  1. Hold the Spacebar.

  2. Click + drag through the canvas to scroll through your content.

While in Trackpad mode, just touch the trackpad with two fingers and move them to scroll. Alternatively, use the horizontal and vertical scroll bars at the bottom and right corner to easily navigate horizontally and vertically.

Navigate using the mini-map

You can use the mini-map to zoom in and navigate around the mural. The mini-map is a tiny image of your mural and shows where collaborators are on the canvas.

To navigate using the mini-map:

  1. Hover over the mini-map in the lower right corner of your mural.

  2. Click + drag the box within the mini-map to change your view of the mural.

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