You can create a custom table or grid in a mural with any number of columns and rows, and resize cells as you see fit.

We are working on an in app functionality to create custom grids, for now, this is our recommendation to make them from scratch.

This Ain't Gritty, it's a Little Griddy! - Watch Video

Here's how to create a grid:

  1. Add a connector using the Shapes and connectors tool on the left toolbar, or by pressing the C key. (Hold the Shift key to auto-magically make your lines straight.)

  2. Click on the connector and choose Change tip.

  3. Select the line without arrows.

  4. Press and hold the Alt key(Option on Mac) and click on the connector.

  5. Click and drag to duplicate the connector. Repeat until your table has the number of rows you want in your grid and the desired height.

6. Hold down the Shift key and drag to select all of the lines.

7. Click the Align option in the formatting menu and select Align left and then Distribute vertically to make sure the lines are even.

8. Group all of the elements together by pressing Command/Control + G.
*Note: if you wish to expand the length of your table, you can select the sides and drag.

9. Hold the C key + Shift and go over to the top left corner of your rows and drag down to the final connector making sure the first and last connector meet.
10. Duplicate the lines with Command/Control + D to the amount of columns you would like.

11. Drag the last line to meet the right side of the table.

12. Hold down SHIFT to select all lines.

13. Select Align and then Distribute horizontally.

14. Press Control-G (Command-G on Mac) to group them together.

And voila! You have a beautiful grid or table.

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