Add murals as tabs inside of channels, where they’ll conveniently appear alongside your team’s conversations and files. You’ll be able to search for existing murals as well as create new ones.

Here’s how:

1. Click on the ‘+’ button in the top toolbar

2. Select 'MURAL' from the menu 

3. Login to MURAL by clicking on ‘Get Started’

4. Create a new mural or search for an existing one

4a. Search Existing Mural

4b. Create New Mural

5. Created MURAL tab

Once you create a new mural or select an existing one, you’ll see the mural name appear in the tabs toolbar where you can easily access it whenever you need.

Note that the Microsoft Teams integration has certain limitations compared with the web interface for MURAL.

The Microsoft Teams integration does not support the following functionality:

If you need this functionality in your Microsoft Teams integration, you can add MURAL as a website within Microsoft Teams to get the full web version. The URL to add is:

The animated GIF below shows how you can set this up:

Now that you’ve got that down, click here to learn how to share existing murals in a conversation with your teammates.

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