Murals are big blank canvases ready for you to start adding your ideas. The first step is adding content.

Here's how:

  1. Use the toolbar on the left side. Choose among Text, Shapes and connectors, Icons, Frameworks or Images.
  2. Click an option in the toolbar to explore the different types of elements.
  3. When you see an element you'd like to add to your mural, just click on the element you'd like to add or drag it from the toolbar into the mural.

To edit the text in a sticky note, you can either double click it or select the sticky note and press 'ENTER'. To add a line break in a sticky note or text box, hold down SHIFT + ENTER. 

PRO TIPS! MURAL has enabled some shortcuts to make collaboration easier:

  1. To add sticky notes quickly, just double click on the mural. The new sticky will have the same properties as the last sticky you added or the closest located sticky. You can also quickly duplicate existing stickies by double-clicking on one, and then hitting 'tab'.
  2. To add an arrow, hold 'C' and drag your cursor.
  3. To add a title, an area or a comment, right click on a blank space in your mural and select the action from the context menu.
  4. To upload a file from your computer or Dropbox, right click on a blank space in your mural and click "Upload files".
  5. To add links and videos to your mural, copy and paste the link into your mural.
  6. To add images to your mural, drag them into your mural from your computer or the internet.

You can find more keyboard shortcuts under the '?' icon in MURAL.

Everything you add is automatically saved to the cloud. Members of the mural then can see the content and start collaborating with you. You'll feel like you're working in the same room together!


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