MURAL brings a lot of benefits to students and lecturers. If you are a lecturer or a student, you are eligible for a FREE account to use in classroom education between teachers and students.

Here's a list of best practices for using MURAL for Education:

  1. Invite students as guests to the workspace via email. Keep your 10 permanent member seats for other teachers/staff, teaching assistants, etc. who may need regular/unlimited access. If you need more than the standard 25 guests, email and we'll hook you up.
  2. If you want to collaborate with someone outside of your class, send them the visitor link to a singular mural (rather than inviting them as members/guests to the workspace).
  3. If teaching/managing multiple classes, create private rooms for each class. You can then invite students to their class's room, to avoid "cross-contamination" of coursework, as well as protect any private content.
  4. Eventually, archive murals from previous years to keep the dashboard clean.
  5. Add the U's logo as the workspace avatar.
  6. Note that if someone is invited from outside the domain, they won't automatically be able to see the workspace rooms (they will have to be invited to the rooms directly).
  7. Profs should reach out to MURAL to set up the workspace. Then, the professor should reach out to invite students once the workspace is set up.
  8. Get comfortable with how to manage permissions at each level (workspace, room, and mural). This will help you be able to immediately troubleshoot any student issue that arises. 
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