What is MURAL?

MURAL is a digital workspace for visual collaboration. MURAL helps everyone on the team imagine together to unlock new ideas, solve hard problems, and innovate faster. Visual collaboration has emerged as a new way of working among distributed teams because it levels the playing field and ensures everyone’s voice is heard.

MURAL’s visual thinking canvas transforms old ways of working to a digital environment and adds a new dimension to video calls. Frameworks, templates, and Facilitation Superpowers™ like timer, voting, and Private Mode make meetings and workshops more engaging and productive. Collaborators can add sticky notes, icons, shapes, connectors, comments, and more.

MURAL adds a new dimension to video calls. Remote meetings can sometimes feel unproductive, but MURAL makes it easy to guide collaboration and let everyone participate — rather than just broadcast and inform. And it’s easy to get started: MURAL has more than 200 pre-made templates and methods to help you lead the way.

MURAL is an HTML5 web application and works best with Google Chrome, but we also support Firefox, Edge, and Safari. We also have native apps for Windows10, iOS (see app store), Mac OS, Android, and the Microsoft Surface Hub. You can view the different platforms and capabilities here. MURAL also has integrations with some of your favorite apps, such as Microsoft Teams, Jira, and Zoom.

Check out our pricing page to check out our different paid plans or our Free plan with limited functionality. We also offer free accounts for nonprofits, consultants, teachers, and students.

👉 MURAL is continuously releasing new features, be sure to check out our changelog for updates.

👉 You can find useful articles at our Help Center and courses at our Learning Center. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Customer Support.

Happy collaborating!

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